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  • bitch if ya hate Rihanna so much then y the hell r u on her video for? doesnt make sense does it? plz i beg u go die! do not say bad stuff about Rihanna before i cuss the shit out of you! :/

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    () 28 veebr. 2017 09:02 p.l.

    Hi Falcon thanks for review, will read it through later, I’m not sure if I like this puzzle or not I can’t quite decide, I am glad to have finished it so that I can go tidy the garden while the sun is still shining, nice day here today, my favourite clue is 23a followed by 20a and 10a, I didn’t help myself by putting restricted in at 13d at first! I have decided overall I did enjoy it, agree with the 3* rating, not sure about the illustration for 18a though I’m sure all the men will like it

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    () 24 apr. 2017 09:04 p.l.

    So jetzt zum 3 mal… Irgendwie klappt das mit dem abschicken an meinem Handy nicht;-)Da ich leider keine teure Kamera habe Die solch eine Tasche benötigt würde ich gerne wissen woher deine tolle Parka ist? Und sag jetzt bitte nicht vom Flohmarkt 😉 Viele grüße und einen guten Start ins Wochenende…

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    What’s it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yourself?



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